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• Deadwood Madam Pomfrey is the head nurse at the Hogwarts infirmary. She takes care of Ron when he's bitten... James and Lily Potter


• soundtrack • The very first actor to be cast in the film was Robbie Coltrane, who plays Rubeus Hagrid.


Harry Although it’s not exclusive to the first edition of the book, this copy also features a bizarre illustration on its back cover of a wizard who never appears in any of the Harry Potter books. It later turned out the illustrator decided to invent a character based on his father rather than depict one of the wizards described in the book. The image was eventually replaced with a picture of Albus Dumbledore.


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• Niall Phillips as Young Boy (uncredited) First edition first printings will have the number line 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and a block of misaligned text on page seven. Opinions about the number of copies printed before the errors were spotted vary greatly – however, it seems that only a small number came off the press which greatly enhances its value."


excellent condition.


• ^ Wagner, Holly J. (13 May 2002). "Potter First Day UK Sales Sink Titanic". hive4media.com. Archived from the original on 18 June 2002 . Retrieved 11 September 2019. US cable network HBO has carved out a reputation for graphic violence in shows from The Sopranos to Game of Thrones, but here the gore is all the more potent for being unexpected. Adapted by Flynn herself, with the help of writer Marti Noxon and director Jean-Marc Vallée, who was behind another major recent HBO hit, Big Little Lies, the series tells the story of Camille Preaker ( Amy Adams), a Chicago journalist forced by her editor to return to Wind Gap, the sleepy Missouri hometown she escaped from years ago, to investigate a possible serial killer.


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The giant chuckled darkly. Mirror of Erised ( Albus Dumbledore)


• The Man With Two Faces They both appear to be later printings just based on the price of the book. I'm guessing they may be worth $5-$10 in pristine condition, but without more information I really couldn't say for sure.


The day before he is due to leave, Harry asks Uncle Vernon to take him to King's Cross Station. Uncle Vernon agrees to take him but ridicules him for saying he is to leave from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, as is marked on the ticket Hagrid gave him. "Only 500 or so copies of the first book were printed and of those, 300 are believed to have gone into lending libraries.


• AutoModerator Another popular theory is that the illustrator simply must not have read the book. Blasphemy!


I laregly agree with you. Show was super slow until the end. Cut some of that stuff and give us more closure. John, Vickery, KC, and Alan get dropped to rush through the ending.


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• Books for 0-5 I’m glad the Sharp Objects collaborators amputated all of that. You’re left to ponder what happens next. Does the fearful American Gothic cycle of pain continue, Camille mercy-killing her mad half-sister? Does she do nothing, recognizing in Amma’s actions an outward-facing symptom of the same emotional brutality that led Camille to transform her emotional turmoil into self-infliction?


Jun 10 • ^ Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter 1 Adult Cover). ASIN 1408834960.


The influence of the 1950s on Catch-22 is evident through Heller's extensive use of anachronism. Though the novel is ostensibly set in World War II, Heller intentionally included anachronisms like loyalty oaths and computers (IBM machines) to situate the novel in the context of the 1950s. [8] Many of the characters are based on or connected to individuals from the 1950s: Ref.


• Tehnical & Mathematical • Forest Troll: The forest-dwelling trolls can be only found in the Forbidden Forest. Throw the Puffapod at them whenever they standing on the sewer door.


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• ^ Andreeva, Nellie (July 25, 2018). " 'Sharp Objects': There Will Be No Second Season Of Amy Adams Limited Series". Deadline . Retrieved July 25, 2018. • Being chased by the flying keys, as Harry zips by on the broomstick he tosses the key, Hermione catches it and runs to the door. In the next shot, a close-up, as she tries to unlock the door, an electrical cable hangs down beside the column, that was not in the previous shots. There is also an electrical cable coming out from under the back of Hermione's jumper that is blatantly visible as well.


• ^ "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for Game Boy Advance". GameRankings. Archived from the original on 6 September 2010 . Retrieved 7 June 2010. • Nine Months (1995)


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That Edward is cooler than Harry,


• permalink Back in the common room, Harry tells Hermione and Ron Voldemort's in the forest and that Snape wants the Stone to help Voldemort restore his powers. Afterwards, going into his bed, Harry finds that his Invisibility Cloak has been returned to him.


That same year, fifth-year student Tom Marvolo Riddle, who would go on to become Lord Voldemort, opened the Chamber of Secrets and unleashed another monster, which Riddle used to attack and petrify a number of Muggle-born students until he finally caused the death of a girl named Myrtle Warren. When the school was threatened with closing, a consequence highly undesired by Riddle, the boy found out about Aragog and turned Hagrid in as the culprit. It likely didn't help that Hagrid had a habit of getting into trouble every other week: he'd once tried raising werewolf cubs under his bed and was known to sneak off into the Forbidden Forest to wrestle trolls (both of these statements were likely exaggerations on Riddle's part however). Hagrid protected Aragog and helped him flee to the Forbidden Forest; however, he was shortly thereafter expelled from Hogwarts, [16] a fate that he was relieved that his father never knew of, having died during Hagrid's second year. [17] • embed


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No person can be both insane (I) and request an evaluation (R). TV / Book


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And since my friend's 9 year old demanded that I read his copy, I now have the paperback in my possession. • ^ Jury, J. (22 December 2001). "Harry Potter hides fall in number of books sold a downturn in book sales". The Independent. London. Archived from the original on 7 July 2010 . Retrieved 16 May 2009.


• ^ "New cover for Sorcerer's Stone paperback edition". MuggleNet. 29 September 2008. Archived from the original on 5 December 2008 . Retrieved 14 December 2013. |


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Also under terrorist attacks, then even armed people rarely step up.


• ^ Honeycutt, Kirk (9 November 2001). " 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone': THR's 2001 Review". The Hollywood Reporter. Archived from the original on 3 April 2020 . Retrieved 18 April 2020. Albus Dumbledore


Not all wizards are truly wise, but we at USA Network think it’s safe to say Albus Dumbledore fits the criteria -- and then some! As the longtime headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Dumbledore spends countless hours forming young magical minds, and providing guidance as they grow up. J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter book series, has referred to Dumbledore as “the epitome of goodness,” and we certainly don’t disagree. In fact, we’ve identified some of the best advice he’s given throughout the entire Wizarding World film franchise. But instead of just fawning over his words, we’re going to let the headmaster share his wisdom for you himself. Here are the 12 Dumbledore quotes that make us want to be better people: Rowling has said of her teenage years, in an interview with The New Yorker, "I wasn’t particularly happy. I think it’s a dreadful time of life." She had a difficult homelife; her mother was ill and she had a difficult relationship with her father (she is no longer on speaking terms with him). She attended secondary school at Wyedean School and College, where her mother had worked as a technician in the science department. Rowling said of her adolescence, "Hermione [a bookish, know-it-all Harry Potter character] is loosely based on me. She's a caricature of me when I was eleven, which I'm not particularly proud of." Steve Eddy, who taught Rowling English when she first arrived, remembers her as "not exceptional" but "one of a group of girls who were bright, and quite good at English." Sean Harris, her best friend in the Upper Sixth owned a turquoise Ford Anglia, which she says inspired the one in her books. ...more


Harry Potter is one of the most famous, loved, and top series out there. It is loved, adored, cherished, and amazing for HP fans every time they read it. No matter how many times it is read, it fills the person's heart with warmth and happiness, as they are going back to the wizarding world. As for me, I have finally entered it and feel young and new and early to this, because I am new to this all. Mr H. Potter


The "Don't Tell Mama" scene was such a turn that I immediately closed my laptop and sat quiet for sometime. At this point I assumed Amma knew all along that Adora with Alan's help had killed the girls, and Amma was using the teeth, to which she says "Dont tell mama". • Press Council


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68.37% [85] UK: Ted Smart, 1998. 1st Edition 1998. This is the 1st Ted Smart Edition printed a year after the ultra scarce Bloomsbury Edition. Full line run of numbers 1 to 10 denoting a 1st Edition 1st print. This is the first British edition of the author's first book that has a dust jacket. The Bloomsbury edition did not have a… Read more


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I think my only complaint would be Amy Adams' accent sometimes being thick and other times not being there at all. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"https://ir.ebaystatic.com/cr/v/c1/thirtysevens.jpg","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}


The author of Harry's schoolbook entitled "The Standard Book of Spells (Grade I)." Bathilda Bagshot Harry recovers in the school's hospital wing with Dumbledore at his side. Dumbledore explains that the stone has been destroyed and that Ron and Hermione are safe. Dumbledore also reveals how Harry was able to defeat Quirrell: When Harry's mother died to save him, her death gave Harry a love-based protection against Voldemort. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are rewarded with house points for their heroic performances, tying them for first place with Slytherin. Dumbledore then awards ten points to Neville for attempting to stop the trio, granting Gryffindor the House Cup. Harry returns home for the summer, happy to finally have a real home in Hogwarts.


• In the chess scene, at the end of the montage of shots of pieces being smashed, the White Queen turns her attention to a Black Rook. The first stroke of her sword clearly goes through the structure of the castle, which disintegrates. We cut to various different angles and watch pieces of the destroyed castle flying all over the place. Cut back to the original angle, and we see the Queen attacking again, but the Castle is completely intact - only the figure from on top of it is missing. And it cannot have been the second castle, since that's Hermione's position. • Stepmom (1998)


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PS2: Harry and Ron go to the girls' lavatory to warn Hermione about the troll. They hear Hermione scream and go directly into the bathroom, finding the troll inside. Jonny Duddle/Bloomsbury


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