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Author hashtags are a great way for you to connect with readers, writers and heavy hitters in the publishing industry. While from time to time you can create content that promotes your writing, a larger chunk of your digital strategy should be dedicated to branding yourself as a writer. Focus on adding value by joining discussions where you can talk about the writing process or your passion for reading and writing. • GRE

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Chaves, R. O., von Wangenheim, C. G., Furtado, J. C. C., Oliveira, S. R. B., Santos, A., & Favero, E. L. (2015). Experimental evaluation of a serious game for teaching software process modeling. IEEE Transactions on Education, 58(4), 289–296. • Chemistry

In the top right corner of the viewer, you will see an option to download the book, usually in either epub or pdf format. • Danielle Bruckert

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All you need is a computer connected to the internet and the internet browser of your choice, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Cites / Doc. (2 years)

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Agencies Lily King, the bestselling author of Euphoria (2014), knows exactly how to combine love, grief, creativity, and balance. A young prodigy who loses her mother must confront how to channel her ambition again...all while finding herself in love with two men at the same time.

Top MagicBlox isn’t free but you can start reading today with a LadyBug Access Pass which entitles you to a free book every month. Want to expand your child’s reading? Sign up for the membership plans on the site. Start a Reading Habit in Your Kids Today

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• Conflict Curriculum at the tertiary education level involves specific course design and development. Griffith University describes planning as based on previously-collected evidence; the process also involves assessment, technologically-informed learning and discipline-based capabilities. [46] The process aims to prepare students for the workforce while enhancing their understanding of a subject. Griffith University considers four key elements in curriculum development: learning analytics, external peer review, peer-based professional learning and professional learning workshops. [46] Educational technology [ edit ]

• #shortreads: This hashtag generally relates to short stories and gets used most intensively in National Short Story Month, during May.

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Working this puzzle won’t be quite as nice as being in this gorgeous room, but it’s close. See this list of 18 Great Bookish Puzzles for more options. 2012

With the landmark 2018 publication of the novel Barracoon, written nearly a century ago, Zora Neale Hurston came back into hearts and minds and best-seller lists as one of the foremost writers on the black American experience. For the completist, this story collection, which includes eight previously unpublished stories that come from the days when Hurston was the only black student at Barnard, is a can’t-miss. — Maris Kreizman Outline the Background of the Problem

Drug dealers don’t tend to be thoughtful 17-year-old philosophers, but that’s the fate – ahem – dealt to White Mike. A boy who detests mind-altering substances – he even abstains from booze – he inhabits the vacuous upper class world of partying adolescents in Manhattan. Never seen in anything but an overcoat and jeans, his mysterious presence makes him an alienated hero for disaffected teens. • Links

Hope this is handy to someone! That’s about it for today. A young medic returns from deployment in Iraq to two things: the woman he loves, and the opioid crisis sweeping across the Midwest. Soon deep in the thrall of heroin addiction, he arrives at what seems like the only logical solution: robbing banks. Written by a singularly talented, wildly imaginative debut novelist, Cherry is a bracingly funny and unexpectedly tender work of fiction straight from the dark heart of America.

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5 by passage of prose is fifty words or four typed lines (or longer), or if you are

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• Lord Raglan (1936). The Hero: A Study in Tradition, Myth and Drama. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications. (Republished 2003) I spent most of my teens wishing Rupert (from Jilly Cooper's Riders) would stride into my parents' kitchen in dirty hunting boots and whisk me away. He's sexy, but with a little-boy vulnerability that makes you forgive him anything.

Rudolph Fisher was a literary craftsman who understood and practiced such arts of fiction as control over plot, characterization, tone, and language, and who had a natural poise in exposition. Fisher was as at ease writing novels as he was writing short stories, although the short stories are of greater artistic quality. Fisher is one of those writers about whom one would like to speculate, "If only he had lived longer"; even so, his accomplishments by 1934 (he died in December of that year) were far from negligible. His first novel, The Walls of Jericho, for instance, contains one of the most amusing yet cynical scenes (the Merritt-Cramp conversation) in modern literature. He was the first black writer to have a creditable and absorbing mystery published in America ( The Conjure-man Dies). As a stylist, Fisher had no peer among the nonexperimental Harlem Renaissance writers. This skill, however, led to his most notable weakness—a clever adroitness that makes his satire somewhat strained in some instances, and, related to this, a feather-light style that sometimes blurs his dramatic impact. • Women do not rever [sic] the venom cock as men do.

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Whether you prefer to spoon on your right side or your left side, there's a cuddle pillow for you for $49.99. If your first thought was "$50?! To cuddle?!" Let me repeat: MEMORY FOAM. Also, I'll take this time to remind you that it's something you'll use every night to make quality time with bae better and a good night's sleep easier.