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Episodes Moreover, university libraries can become liable for breach of their contractual terms if services are misused, or credentials passed on by library users. Typically, contractual terms specify that “Authorised Users must not provide access and/or allow use of the Licensed Material by anyone other than Authorised Users” (or words to that effect). Thus, if a subscribing institution knowingly lets an Authorised User do this, or turns a blind eye to the problem if it is drawn to their attention, then the subscriber is in breach of its contract with the publisher and will be cut off.

• The next visual is just three pages of 60 I’ve compiled, taken from the Passfans website, showing a wide variety of organizations whose stolen credentials are shared online. This is rife, and it’s a huge problem. This is a sample of the 60 pages the author compiled from the Passfans website that shows the wide variety of organizations whose stolen credentials were shared online.

• Lawson S, Meghreblian B, Brook M. 2015. Journal subscription costs - FOIs to UK universities. Figshare. [ CrossRef]


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• Published a follow up research piece – “‘Measuring the Impact of Equity Promotion Policies: Lessons from National and Institutional Case Studies” 26. The Way We Live Now Anthony Trollope

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20+ Free Tools To Find Amazing Color Combination Maybe you think Sci-Hub’s founder, Alexandra Elbakyan, is a Robin Hood type character. Okay, but she’s also a cybercriminal. I thought Joe DeMarco put something else well:

• June 2015 use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: find submissions from "" url: text search for "text" in url selftext: text search for "text" in self post contents self:yes (or self:no) include (or exclude) self posts nsfw:yes (or nsfw:no) include (or exclude) results marked as NSFW

• November 2014 knight anole, Anolis dolichocephalus

• DEADLINE for Annual Report submissions this Friday, December 1st, at 11:59 p.m. 2

Or if you think that generators are fun and all — but that you’d rather create your own book title? Great 👍 Kick off with this post, which is all about titling your book. “I thought once everybody could speak freely and exchange information and ideas, the world is automatically going to be a better place,” Twitter founder Evan Williams told The New York Times last year. “I was wrong about that.”

Regarding the hypothesis, "the more likely a paper is to be found on the web, the less likely it is in Sci-Hub", we evaluate this directly in the "Coverage by category of access status" section. This hypothesis appears true for most types of gratis web access. Compared to closed articles, bronze, hybrid, and gold OA articles are less likely to be in Sci-Hub. However, green articles (available without charge, but not from the publisher) do not seem have lower coverage than closed articles in Sci-Hub. The conclusion from the reviewers' comparison could therefore be rephrased as "the less gratis availability of a discipline's articles on the web (according to oaDOI), the greater the coverage on Sci-Hub." One possibility is that researchers from disciplines with poor oaDOI coverage more frequently encounter access problems, leading to greater awareness and usage of Sci-Hub. Europe

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• Fashion Where there’s a genuine controversy, as there is about Darwinian theory, anyone in search of truth has no choice but to weigh the evidence for himself. The observation that, beyond doubt, thousands of scientists are skeptical and encourage further “careful examination” of the question, is one reason every thoughtful adult owes it to herself to consider the evidence without just passively swallowing the majority view.

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The website Sci-Hub, now in its sixth year of existence, provides gratis access to scholarly literature, despite the continued presence of paywalls. Sci-Hub brands itself as “the first pirate website in the world to provide mass and public access to tens of millions of research papers.” The website, started in 2011, is run by Alexandra Elbakyan, a graduate student and native of Kazakhstan who now resides in Russia ( Bohannon, 2016a; Schiermeier, 2015). Elbakyan describes herself as motivated to provide universal access to knowledge ( Elbakyan, 2016a; Elbakyan, 2015; Milova, 2017). • ^ D'Alessandro, Anthony (April 15, 2018). "The Rock Rebounds: 'Rampage' Shushes 'A Quiet Place' With $34M+ No. 1 Opening". Deadline Hollywood. Penske Business Media. Archived from the original on April 17, 2018 . Retrieved April 15, 2018.

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• 10 - Learning Science with Analogies The number of bitcoin donations to Sci-Hub is shown for each month from June 2015 to December 2017. Since February 2016, Sci-Hub has received over 25 donations per month. Each donation corresponds to an incoming transaction to a known Sci-Hub address. See Figure 10—figure supplement 1 for the amount donated each month, valued in BTC or USD.

Nominee, Locus Award, 1985 [3] Illegal download of copyrighted material in Germany, the basic stuff What am really guilty of ?

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• Publishing Serena Joy Waterford 31 episodes, 2017-2019 1.02s It’s unclear if her work with Sci-Hub is the subject of the probe, but the Post reports the investigation has both criminal and intelligence-gathering elements, according to people familiar with the matter. A former senior U.S. intelligence official told the newspaper he believes Elbakyan is working with the GRU, Russia’s intelligence agency.

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Offred's birth Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again.

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Sci-Hub is currently served at domains including,,,,, and, as well as at scihub22266oqcxt.onion — a Tor Hidden Service ( Dingledine et al., 2004). Elbakyan described the project’s technical scope in July 2017 ( Elbakyan, 2017): “Sci-Hub technically is by itself a repository, or a library if you like, and not a search engine for some other repository. But of course, the most important part in Sci-Hub is not a repository, but the script that can download papers closed behind paywalls.” • A van Leewenhoeck

• Post a Job • Schiermeier Q. US court grants Elsevier millions in damages from Sci-Hub. Nature. 2017a doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.22196. [ CrossRef] [ Google Scholar]

• ^ Matthews, Aisha (18 August 2018). "Gender, Ontology, and the Power of the Patriarchy: A Postmodern Feminist Analysis of Octavia Butler's Wild Seed and Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale". Women's Studies. 47 (6): 637–656. doi: 10.1080/00497878.2018.1492403. ISSN 0049-7878. • Culture

• the importance of biodiversity

• WWE In the context of the big deal cancellations by several library systems in the world, in 2019 the wide usage of Sci-Hub was credited as one of the factors which reduced the apparent value of the subscriptions to toll access resources. [53] Reception [ edit ]

A 2019 study of 27.8 million download requests via Sci-Hub indicates that 23.2 million of these were for journal articles, 4.7 million (22%) of which were articles from medical journals. The requests for medical literature came mostly from middle- and low-income countries (69%); the countries with the most requests in absolute numbers were India, China, the US, Brazil, and Iran. [52] • ^ American Guerrilla (16 May 2016). "Sci-Hub Offers Encrypted Bot to Help Users Stay Safe - Deep Dot Web". Archived from the original on 18 November 2018.

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Moss owns a necklace — a gift from a friend — bearing the mantra Nolite te bastardes carborundorum. The faux-Latin, incorrect translation of “Don’t let the bastards grind you down” was a joke from Atwood’s school days, which she put in the book. Some fans of the show have reportedly had the slogan tattooed on their bodies. French

Moringa oleifera We fight inequality in knowledge access across the world. The scientific knowledge should be available for every person regardless of their income, social status, geographical location and etc.

• - creepy • pay attention to objectivity and concern for accuracy, precision, repeatability and reproducibility

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• Elvis Presley's Golden Years (Historical Notes.17) Elbakyan faces an uphill battle. ACS has yet to show what it defines as “active participation.” If Sci-Hub’s Twitter page were to get taken down again, it would hobble the word-of-mouth network perpetuating Sci-Hub and ACS’s current domain-name whack-a-mole.

• the assumption that every effect has one or more cause Each time a visitor comes to an NHF website, we count, track and aggregate the visitor’s activity into our analysis of general traffic flow at our sites (where traffic originates, how it flows within NHF sites, etc.). To these ends, we may merge information about visitors and visits into group data, which may then be shared on an aggregated basis with our advertisers/sponsors, but we will not disclose your individual identity. When we do present aggregated information to outside companies, no one will be able to identify or contact you.

Do pupils consider research to be valuable to them for their future?

• ^ Barr, Marleen S.; Smith, Nicholas D. (1983). Women and Utopia: Critical Interpretations. Lanham, MD: University Press of America. ISBN 9780819135599. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) · Minority Report (2002) · Catch Me If You Can (2002) · The Terminal (2004) · War of the Worlds (2005) · Munich (2005) · Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

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Related: Top 21 Biology Degree Jobs When he shakes Halliday's hand, he gains all of the powers his avatar had in the OASIS.

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