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Back This book, says Haller, is one of the principal works of Hippocrates, and is by all, attributed to him. It is a production worthy of him, although consisting chiefly of a history of diseases, unmixed with medicine. Its value consists in his description of them, and his notice of crises. It contains, under three sections, the statement of the seasons for three years, as occurring at Thasus, followed by the rise of an epidemic state of disease of two years’ continuance; in one of these recurrent fevers predominated, and ardent fevers in the other. To these last belong a large proportion of fourteen patients here recorded, and with mostly a fatal termination. One case is particularly interesting, of a parturient female who recovered after a very prolonged disease.— Haller.


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Schools that Develop Children -- an excellent Each of the districts studied has distinct circumstances, and thus distinct reasons for coming to the conclusion, as a community, that it needed to take a comprehensive approach to education. At the same time, demographic trends that are affecting virtually every state—and many, if not most, school districts across the country—have played major roles in that decision in every case. 26 Indeed, community and school leaders in all of these districts cited students’ poverty (and, in some districts, demographic shifts) as posing challenges that required looking beyond the school walls to address.


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The maid-servant, that was a foreigner, vomited a little from what she drank, and was strangled; but purged very much downwards, and died in the night. • ^ Graff, Richard (2005). "Prose versus Poetry in Early Greek Theories of Style". Rhetorica: A Journal of the History of Rhetoric. 23 (4): 303–335. doi: 10.1525/rh.2005.23.4.303. JSTOR 10.1525/rh.2005.23.4.303. (subscription required)


D ES É PIDÉMIES, Friendship takes a fascinating deep dive into the societal, emotional, and health benefits of our everyday relationships. Science journalist Lydia Denworth investigates the crucible of teenage friendships, observes a social network of rhesus monkeys, and inspires readers to nurture their inner circles and reconnect with old pals.


• Newsletter Students who have problems with technology interfered are more likely to withdraw from their online courses (Bambara et al., 2009). [124] Also, there's no sufficient technology support which will also leads students to drop the class since their problems could not be solved quickly (Palmer & Holt, 2010; Yang & Cornelius, 2004). [118]


UNESCO BEIRUT As President Richard Nixon took office, the Supreme Court was headed for a radical change: Earl Warren, the chief justice who oversaw landmark civil rights cases, including Brown v. Board of Education, announced his retirement. Including Warren’s replacement, Nixon appointed four justices to the Supreme Court, setting up a decades-long legacy. Cohen, a former member of The Times’s editorial board, argues that since then the court has consistently fostered inequality in its decisions and systematically made the country less fair.


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1 (unadjusted) Our focus is not simply criminal justice as a distinct policy domain, separable from American governance more broadly. Our inquiry must instead also prompt us to revisit core assumptions about the character of the American state and the increasingly defining role of its least democratic institutions. Our central claim is that the growth of criminal justice has fundamentally recast the citizen-state relationship.


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Literature, a body of written works. The name has traditionally been applied to those imaginative works of poetry and prose distinguished by the intentions of their authors and the perceived aesthetic excellence of their execution. Literature may be classified according to a variety of systems, including language, national origin, historical period, genre, and subject matter. • Hungerlust


• ^ "Archived copy". Archived from the original on 4 April 2015 . Retrieved 27 June 2014. CS1 maint: archived copy as title ( link)


No What this study finds: Extensive research has conclusively demonstrated that children’s social class is one of the most significant predictors—if not the single most significant predictor—of their educational success. Moreover, it is increasingly apparent that performance gaps by social class take root in the earliest years of children’s lives and fail to narrow in the years that follow. That is, children who start behind stay behind—they are rarely able to make up the lost ground.


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Literature is a form of human expression. But not everything expressed in words—even when organized and written down—is counted as literature. Those writings that are primarily informative—technical, scholarly, journalistic—would be excluded from the rank of literature by most, though not all, critics. Certain forms of writing, however, are universally regarded as belonging to literature as an art. Individual attempts within these forms are said to succeed if they possess something called artistic merit and to fail if they do not. The nature of artistic merit is less easy to define than to recognize. The writer need not even pursue it to attain it. On the contrary, a scientific exposition might be of great literary value and a pedestrian poem of none at all. Literary devices involves specific elements within the work that make it effective. Examples include metaphor, simile, ellipsis, narrative motifs, and allegory. Even simple word play functions as a literary device. In fiction stream-of-consciousness narrative is a literary device.


1 - Tripe. TFA’s former co-CEO, Matthew Kramer, wrote about this topic, saying, “We think the causes of these differences are unequal and inadequate educational opportunities, not inherent differences in capability or character.” Kramer’s piece came on the heels of an argument made by TFA alum Camika Royal (Baltimore ’99) in GOOD Magazine, “ Please Stop Using the Phrase ‘Achievement Gap.’”


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Enrollments in primary and secondary education have leveled off and are, in fact, dropping due to reduced population growth and entrance rates. Higher education has been expanding rapidly, with public sector enrollments more than doubling since 1992. In addition, the government has allowed the development of a private higher education sector that is approaching half of the total students in Mongolian higher education. Commerce and business administration degree programs enroll the largest numbers of students in private institutions, and more students are studying law in private than public sector higher education institutions (Mongolia Education Sector Strategy 2000-2005). Des Clysteres, i. L.




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We use the term “principal” to identify a set of noncognitive skills that are measured by both the ECLS-K 1998–1999 and 2010–2011 surveys, and that have been relatively extensively used in research. • Contact Us


I propose that we no longer attempt to close the achievement gap. Instead, we must redirect our efforts and aim our targets at the opportunity gap. We don’t define the opportunity gap by looking at test scores. Instead, the opportunity gap more accurately describes the complex issues that contribute to student performance. Recognizing the opportunity gap changes the way we communicate, the way we think, and the way we teach. It forces us to recognize the historical and societal implications of the way race and class influence the kind of education a student is likely to receive. Once I shifted my focus from the achievement gap to the opportunity gap, I stopped telling my black students to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. It meant that I rededicated myself to helping my students advance themselves despite hardship and lack of resources.


Sec. XII. Bad effects of eating more than usual; how to remedy this. The reverse of this considered, and its remedy. Great changes hurtful. • Планирование, показ экрана, чат класса.


Yes See his Connexion, vol. ii. p. 569, the ninth edition, in 1725, where are these express words, viz.: “Lucretius has also given us a poetical description of it (meaning the plague), and Hippocrates has written of it as a physician. For that great master of the art of physic lived in those times, and was at Athens all the while this distemper raged there.”


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to remove these books from further publications and labeled these books Le Serment.


From this, as well as from numerous other parts, it plainly appears that a passage, or circulation of the blood from the veins into the arteries is fully asserted, although the route is not particularly pointed out. The fact of its adoption seems absolute, from the necessity insisted on, of arresting the flow of blood from its local point of discharge, in order to prevent its total and complete evacuation. The admirers of Harvey, in giving him the merit of the full discovery of the circulation, will do well to ponder on this part of Galen’s writings; and honestly estimate what proportion of that alleged discovery should be awarded to his great predecessor. • - europe


Haller here states, that much is taken from the Aphorisms, Prognostics, and Prænotions, relating to the ptisan, and menstruation, which are quoted as if the productions of the author of this treatise. Towards the close, some extension is given to the subject of purgation by means of sesamoid; and cases are stated wherein veratrum is appropriate, and cautions given as to its employment. Purgation, in this treatise, seems more intended for vomition, or purging upward (sursum). Пояснение причин и соответствующее обсуждение вы можете найти на странице Википедия:К удалению/9 апреля 2020.


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0.106 schools, 50 percent of teachers in specialized secondary schools, and 33


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• WHSmith Affiliate Programme F ŒSIUS, Treat. iii. p. 375.






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2. The second of these books embraces the investigation of the causes of the symptoms of depraved motions, in which the author treats of paralysis, convulsions, tremors, palpitation, rigor, cough, sneezing, pandiculation, itching, and many other vitiated motions. He then proceeds to consider the causes of the principal animal functions, in respect to their motions; and treats of the motions of the stomach, uterus, and other parts, both natural, and symptomatic of a diseased condition; of the causes of apoplexy, epilepsy, coma, lethargy, delirium, loss of memory, and other affections of the brain, &c. • ^ McCoy, K. L. (2012). A study of African American males and their response to online learning (Doctoral dissertation). Available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. (UMI No. 3546682)


XIII.: GALENI, AD EOS QUI DE TYPIS SCRIPSERUNT LIBER. In slight fever, accompanied with headache, with other attendant symptoms, bile predominates. When those attacked suffer much in the commencement, and the pain augments on the fourth and fifth days, the fever will subside on the seventh day.




The forms of disease are various. Some are congenital, and are detected by inquiry. Some are endemic, peculiar to certain regions, and attacking numbers. Others originate from a peculiar constitution, regimen, locality, or season. Unhealthy situations produce diseases corresponding to the constitution of the atmosphere that is dependent on their locality. Sudden changes of temperature bring on complaints analogous to those of autumn, and so of other changes. Some diseases arise from marsh and other exhalations; or from the nature of the water, producing calculus or affections of the spleen. The winds are also of a beneficial or hurtful character. As are the constitutions of the year, so are the diseases. If mild and not tempestuous, the diseases are not difficult to manage. Diseases peculiar to certain seasons, indicate by their appearance the approach of those seasons. According to the variation of the seasons in their constitution, diseases of a regular or irregular type appear. If the season is natural, they are of a common kind; in autumn, repeated variation in heat and cold induces jaundice. If heat predominates, the diseases are bilious, and should it be extreme, the spleen becomes affected. If similar variations take place in spring, jaundice is likewise seen. If summer has the character of spring, the fevers are accompanied by sweats; they are mild, and not very acute, and the tongue is moist; but if Edition: current; Page: [106 ] spring resembles winter, and the cold is long continued, the diseases resemble those of winter, and coughs, pleurisies, and sore throat are common. Again, in autumn, if the cold is tardy in appearance, the usual seasonable complaints are wanting; and when they appear, they are of anomalous character; for seasons, like diseases, have their irregularities, whether of too early, late, or sudden approach. Generally, however, the seasons and their diseases are sufficiently uniform, and it is proper to pay some attention to the state of the system at these different seasons of the year. 0.443***


• Media Another explanation to address this educational gap is the lack of resources attainable by certain groups of students. A study found that there is a need for financial literacy for students enrolled in colleges and universities. Specifically, there is a need for student knowledge about loans, budgeting, and time requirements for degree completion. [90] Focus group results in the same study concluded that students in search of financial aid information believe that there will be a lack of understanding among advisors and staff regarding minority student's cultural/identity based circumstances. As a result of this belief, many students rather just not seek any services.


Bachelor's degree We’ve stopped saying “achievement gap” when referring to the difference in academic performance between students from low-income communities and those from affluent areas—and here’s why you should, too.


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• 2–6 words per line; 3.5 words average of præternatural swellings.


• Judith What can be done about it: Greater investments in pre-K programs can narrow the gaps between students at the start of school. And to ensure that these early gains are maintained, districts can provide continued comprehensive academic, health, nutrition, and emotional support for children through their academic years, including meaningful engagement of parents and communities. Such strategies have been successfully implemented in districts around the country, as described in this report, and can serve to mitigate the impact of economic inequalities on children’s educational achievement and improve their future life and work prospects.


through "developing transformational school leaders and advancing The Consequences of Consent: Elections, Citizen Control and Popular Acquiescence


Reyes, P. et al., (Eds.), 1999. Lessons from High Performing Self-control (by teachers)